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Take your Kite flying to a new level with our kiteboards and buggyies. Designed to perfectly compliment the Cirrus Kite range.
RKB - R1 RKB - R1

Ideal board for lower weight adults and beginners. Very easy to ride, It’s perfect for those first freestyle tricks with a kite.

Size = 90.5 cm
Weight = 6kg
Wheel = 8”
Level = Beginner

RKB - R2 RKB - R2

The most flexible board in the range, perfect for kiteboarding. It combines lightweight materials with huge flex to produce an outstanding ride.

Size = 90.8 cm
Weight = 6.8kg
Wheel = 8”
Level = Intermediate/Expert

RKB - R1 RKB - R3

Predominantly a downhill board but great for the larger kite boarder. Wood and fibre composite deck keeps the strength to maximum levels. Sprung trucks.

Size = 87.6 cm
Weight = 7.2kg
Wheel = 8”
Level = Intermediate/Expert

Radsail Buggy

Made from the highest quality materials, it’s a lightweight, pro style buggy that will give massive adrenaline rushes! Completely adjustable seat fits all. The whole buggy can be disassembled to fit easily into the back of a car.

Size = 154 x 131 cm
Weight = 13.8kg
Wheel = 39 cm
Level = Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

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